3 Things To Do While You Stitch—Pray (2/3) 💬

Abide Embroidery Co. exist to encourage the Christian to meditate on God's word through embroidery. So how can we do that? Is it simply by stitching bible verses? That's part of it. But there are three other aspect that I'd love for you to explore—listen, pray, and meditate.

“Some people keep a prayer journal—my prayer journal is knitted into ridges and rows. I can look at sweaters, mittens, socks, dish clothes, and pot holders and remember what I prayed about during their birth.”
Rosaria Butterfield, The Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert

You will spend anywhere from 6-10 hours on one embroidery piece—that’s A LOT of time working with your hands. We’ve talked about listening to the Bible, but what else could you be doing to edify your soul while you stitch? Pray!

When you’ve finished listening through all of Genesis, or maybe that days Bible reading, don’t just stitch and tune out. Instead turn to prayer! Maybe you’re praying like Rosaria—for the person who will receive the works of your hands. Or maybe it’s your family, your neighbor, your pastor, the Church as a whole, missions—the list is endless.

Redeem your time by spending quality time with God the Father, the creator and sustainer of the world.

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