3 Things To Do While You Stitch—Meditate (3/3) ❤️

Abide Embroidery Co. exist to encourage the Christian to meditate on God's word through embroidery. So how can we do that? Is it simply by stitching bible verses? That's part of it. But there are three other aspect that I'd love for you to explore—listen, pray, and meditate.
You will spend anywhere from 6-10 hours on one embroidery piece—that’s A LOT of time working with your hands. We’ve talked about listening to the Bible and praying, but what else could you be doing to edify your soul while you stitch? Meditate!

Meditate on God’s word—specifically on the scripture you're stitching. Some of this will need to be done outside your stitching time but most can be done at the same time. Think through the following: Who was this written for? Why was it written to them? What does the scripture mean? How can it be applied to the believer today?

And when you’ve done that, take the time and look over sermons from your local church and see if your pastor has preached on this text and then relisten!

Taking time to really know the scripture hanging on your wall (or being given to another) is going to give that piece so much more meaning. You didn’t just pick out a pretty verse, but you picked a verse that is rich with God’s love, His promises, and so much more.

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