3 Things To Do While You Stitch—Listen (1/3) 🎧

"Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly..."—Colossians 3:16

Abide Embroidery Co. exist to encourage the Christian to meditate on God's word through embroidery. So how can we do that? Is it simply by stitching bible verses? That's part of it. But there are three other aspect that I'd love for you to explore more—listen, pray, and meditate.

From the beginning stages of tracing your pattern to making those final stitches—you will spend anywhere from 6-10 hours on one embroidery piece. 🤯 That’s A LOT of time working with your hands. What else could you be doing to edify your soul while you stitch?

My desires is for you to redeem that time! While your hands are busy, why not use those hours to listen to scripture, meditate on scripture, and/or pray!
In today's Abide Guide I'd like to specifically talk about listening.

There are wonderful apps out there, such as the ESV Bible app or Dwell Bible app, that allow you to listen to a reading of God’s Word. My favorite is the ESV app since you can select to have Kristyn Getty read. Hello Irish accent that makes everything better! 😆
If podcast rather than apps are more your speed I have two great recommendations for you. The first is Commuter Bible and the second is The Bible Recap.
 A little more old school? If you have a roommate, a spouse, or an older child, you can have them read Scripture aloud to you!

Did you know in 4 hours, you could listen to the whole book of Genesis? With 9 hours, you could listen to all four Gospels. With 10 hours, you could listen to all 150 Psalms! So, what will you start listening to next?

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