The Embroidery Product I Can't Live Without 🔥

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It goes without saying that most gadgets (whether embroidery related or not) are often unnecessary. I mean, let's be honest, how many kitchen tools have we purchased only to let them sit untouched in the drawer. 🙈 Guilty as charged! 🙋‍♀️
But the number one product that I will always recommend to a newly addicted embroidery artist is an Embroidery Hoop Stand! For being a product under $30, it's 100% worth buying—especially for those stitchers who constantly have a new project in their hoop. 

So what is so great about it?

There are two things about the hoop stand that are undeniable great. The first being that it frees both of your hands for stitching. I mean, have you tried making a French knot while also holding your hoop? Yeah... it's miserable. 

The second is that you can use it while sitting on the couch/chair/bed/any other comfy spot you have in your home (or car if we are honest)! 

While some hoop stands are meant for being used at a table, the one I recommend is meant to be used in your lap. As you can see in the photo, the large piece on the bottom is what actually sits UNDER your leg. 

Could you use it at a table? Sure! I have before (especially when recording videos for my annual stitch-alongs!). But you might want to use something to weigh it down so that it won't move all over the place. 

So what do you think about this embroidery accessory? Gotta have it or pass?
Gotta have it? Here is a link to buy your own:

1 comment


Couldn’t find the link to the embroidery stand. Saw some in Amazon but wanted your recommendation. Thank you

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