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If the thought of walking into a fabric store to not only get the right amount of fabric but also the right type of fabric sounds overwhelming, you aren't alone!

Prior to my business I used whatever fabric looked "good enough." Halfway into a project, I would realize the fabric was awful and was not going to hold up over time (point proven by my completed pieces that are 5 years old and sagging in the hoop!). 

Once Abide came along, I wanted to make sure I was no longer playing the guessing game but buying quality fabric to help my pieces last a lifetime!

So what kind of fabric do I suggest you use?

First, the most important thing to know is I always recommend stitching with TWO pieces of fabric. This is going to help you IMMENSELY with sagging fabric. Keeping two pieces in your hoop helps to keep your fabric taut—which is crucial in embroidery. 

So when buying fabric I recommend you purchase a stitching fabric and a thin second layer.

First, your stitching fabric. I recommend Robert Kaufman Kona Cotton—also known simply as Kona.

Kona has proven to be durable, to hold up over time, and honestly just comes in some beautiful colors (though I personally love to use the color Snow).

The best thing about Kona fabric is how recognizable it is in stores! Simply find the solid cotton fabrics and then look for the logo on the top of their bolt (seen below). 

Second, you need a thin second layer. This piece of fabric is a thin cotton that you won’t see when stitching, it’s simply there to keep your fabric taut. That being said, you don’t need anything that is name brand. Look for a 100% white cotton that is INEXPENSIVE. I’m talking, $4.99 a yard or LESS. 

So I've grabbed my fabric, but now I have to go to the cutting counter. What now??

This had to have been the most intimidating part of the fabric buying process for me. I'm not good at math, I don't know how many inches 1/8 of a yard is! What do I say to the person?

So let me make it simple for you. 
If you are making a 6” hoop, I recommend having at least a 9" by 9" square. But how does that translate into yardage? If you ask for ¼ of a yard of fabric, you'll be getting a 9” legnth piece. The width is dependent on the bolt, but on average it is 42". So what that means is by asking for ¼ of a yard you'll be getting enough fabric for roughly 4 hoops!

Still stressed out to make it to the fabric store? I've got you.

In the shop you can find pre-cut fabric bundles. Each bundle includes an 8.5" circle of the two fabrics I recommend above. No need to stress out about going to the store, finding the right brand and color, and definitely no stressing out at the cutting counter. Buy some bundles here.

I hope this helps you in your embroidery journey! Have any questions? Leave them in the comments below!




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