Don't Get Your Floss in a Knot 🪢

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This is basic folks, but y'all... I'm not kidding when I say I did not know this for the first 5 years of doing embroidery (🙈). 

If you want to avoid knots in your floss before you even start stitching, pull your floss from the NUMBER side of the skein. 🤯

That's it folks! Problem solved.

Now, if you are getting a ton of knots while you are stitching, you might be pulling too much floss at one time. I personally like to pull one arm length—simply use your left hand to put your skein at your chest, and then with your right hand pull your floss until your arm is out stretched. Let's keep in mind that I am 5'1"—if you are 6' tall, you probably ought to do half an arm length 😉

Here is a video to remind you 👇


I hope this helps you in your embroidery journey! 

1 comment

Jan Golias
Jan Golias

I noticed that you talked about metalic thread somewhere. It is such lovely thread, but I find it very hard to work with. If I use only 2 threads, it is better to work with. But any more it tangles easily and breaks often, and I get frustrated. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks so much.

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