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"How do you store your floss?"

This is a question I get asked at least once a week in my inbox. So here I am to share all the tidbits about how I store my floss, and a few alternative methods you might enjoy!

The method I personally like is to use clothes pins and a peg board!

Starting at the top of my board and moving to the right and then down, I add L-hooks and arrange my floss in numerical order based on DMC floss colors (starting with the lowest number). I then place my clothes pin loaded with floss on the hook. If I have any extra skeins of the matching color, I load those up behind the clothes pin (I try not to put more than one full skein on each clothes pin. You don't want it to get too bulky).

I will say, I only add my go-to colors to this board. If I've used a color only once for a piece (I'm looking at you 2022 Advent Stitch-Along), those colors aren't getting a place on the board—those spots are reserved. But all that to say, when a new color has been added to my's a bit of a pain to move each color to get things back in the right order.

The next question you might have might be how do I add the floss to the clothes pin? Well here is a handy video for you! 👇

I personally snagged my peg board and L-hooks from Home Depot but I found a similar peg board (and actually smaller, which might work better for a hobbyist vs a business owner) and similar L-hooks on Amazon.

This method is obviously not for everyone, so what else can you do?

If you still want to keep the clothes pins but use something else to store them on,  I've seen some cute options where you use an old (large) photo frame, some wire, and make a few rows that you can clip the pins too. This might allow you to add more colors than using a peg board, but you won't be able to store the extra skeins. 

Don't like the clothes pin method at all? You can also use plastic bobbins and store them in a clear art box or on a metal ring. 

There are so many methods out there, ranging from super creative to the most basic and practical. Trust me, just look up "embroidery floss storage" on Pinterest and a whole host of ideas will pop up for you! But for me, the clothes pin and plastic bobbin method mentioned above are my favorites.

Let me know in the comments below how you like to store your embroidery floss! 👇

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1 comment

katie baileyKatie
katie baileyKatie

I’ve stuck with my mom’s tried and true method- envelopes in a shoebox! I’ve upgraded from the red and blue Reebok box to 2 plastic shoeboxes, but most of the envelopes are still numbered in her handwriting- so it’s functional and nostalgic at the same time. Only downfall is you can’t see the colors at first glance- I keep a DMC chart on hand for when I’m looking for a random shade without a particular number in mind… maybe someday I’ll upgrade again to clear envelopes or bags?

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