Out of Stock: DMC Floss Colors Woes

It's bound to happen—you head to Hobby Lobby to grab floss for your next embroidery project and one (or more) of the colors you need are out of stock! What do you do? Do you run around town looking for the right color? Do you search for a similar DMC color? Do you just give up on the project all together?

Here are 3 things you can do!

1. First thing first—check your other local craft stores.

Tip: Don't drive around looking, just call and ask ("Do you have DMC embroidery floss color 3041 in stock?"). Hobby Lobby is always very good about this but workers at Jo-Ann & Micheals might be less certain. The good thing about those two stores is that they have apps that allow you to check inventory at your local store and even order for curbside pick up.

2. Rather not shop around? Stay right where you are and pull up the website Thread Bare. They have an amazing tool that allows you to plug in your missing floss color and it generates multiple suggestions for a substitute. Is it perfect? No, but does it produce some great alternatives? Yes! See photos below for the side by side comparisons for 3 colors I asked substitutes for.

Tip: Bring the rest of your color palette with you and check to see if the substituted color will look good with the other floss colors.

Out of stock color: 924 | Suggested colors: 3808, 930, 311

Out of stock color: 3041 | Suggested colors: 3835, 3726, 414

Out of stock color: 3828 | Suggested colors: 3045, 436, 370

3. If you can't find your color locally and you rather not shop for different colors—try an online supplier such as Everything Cross Stitch or 123Stitch.

Tip: Prices at these online shops are typically comparable to local shops BUT you will have to pay for shipping. If you have other projects you are about to start, go ahead and stock up on other floss colors you need.

I hope this helps you in your embroidery journey! Want to see an Abide Guide on a specific topic? Send me an email at contact@abideembroidery.com —I'd love to hear from you!

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