Flying With Your Embroidery Project? What You Need To Know! ✈️

One of my favorite activities to do when flying is to listen to a good audiobook and stitch! The movement of the plane doesn’t make me nauseous like a car ride would, and stitching in close quarters always leads to a fun conversation on the plane. 

But before you pack your carry-on bag, let’s go over a few things that TSA has deemed as safe and what they have marked as unsafe.

Embroidery Hoops, Embroidery Floss, and Fabric ✅ 

All of your basic supplies for your hoop (the hoop, the floss, and fabric) are approved and safe to carry onto the plane!

Embroidery Floss Bundles - Abide Embroidery Co.

Embroidery Needles

Sewing needles are SAFE to bring as a carry-on or in your packed luggage. There are no restrictions on needles, but I would recommend using a needle storage container to keep things safe. Looking for some needles? We have some of our favorites here in the shop

DMC Embroidery Needles - Abide Embroidery Co.

Craft Scissors:  ⚠️

This is the trickiest part of bringing a project on your next jet-setting adventure. To bring your scissors in your carry-on bag they MUST be less than 4” from the pivot point. Good news? All of the scissors on our website qualify as being safe. 

Embroidery Scissors - Abide Embroidery Co.

Pocket Knife/Swiss Army Knife:

Want to forgo craft scissors and instead bring a pocket knife? This is a no go from the TSA. 

Nail Clippers: ✅ 

Nail clippers are 100% approved by TSA so if you don’t want to run the risk of losing your scissors, bring a *clean* pair of nail clippers to cut your floss! 

Storage: ✅ 

Poking your TSA agent with a needle or scissors is not going to bring you any good graces, so make sure your projects are securely packed in a storage bag like this.

📣 Note: While the above was confirmed on the TSA website, TSA reserves the right to confiscate any item that they deem unsafe. 

I hope today's Abide Guide helps you in your embroidery journey! Have any questions? Send me an email!

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