Sharpening Your Needle? Who Knew?!

We've talked about different needle sizes and different needle storage solutions but one thing we haven't talked about is sharpening your needles. Yep.

Did you know this was possible? Because, until recently,, I had never known such a thing existed! 

Remember those tomato style pin-cushions from your childhood? 👇👇👇

Did you ever wonder what that little strawberry looking thing hanging off of it was? Well, if you were living under a rock like me (or maybe never read the instructions on the packing)—it's filled with emery sand and it's meant to sharpen your needle! 🤯

Now, if you are like me and you don’t really want a tomato pin cushion sitting around your house—the good news is that I found the most adorable emery pin cushion from Alice and the Bear Etsy shop. Her emery filled pin cushions can both sharpen your needle, hold your needle, and look super adorable on your desk. Win. Win. Win! 

So, tell me! Did you know this? Share in the comments below if you're shaking your head at my cluelessness, or if you (like me) just had your mind blown. 

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