❌ Pesky barcode stuck on your hoop? Try this! ✅

I'm not sure about you, but the first few times I bought hoops from Hobby Lobby and I saw the dreaded barcode sticker on my hoop, I about died on the inside. 
I tried peeling them off with my nails and it never failed that it would only partially come off and then leave a sticky gross mess. I went searching for answers and finally found the best method for removing those annoying little stickers and now I want to share with you!
Step 1:
Grab an iron and razor
Step 2: 
Place the hot iron on the sticker for 5-10 seconds. If you have a steam function, I love to press that a few times to help loosen the adhesive
Step 3:
Carefully… again… CAREFULLY… use your razor to peel back the sticker. When I do this, I make sure the razor is angled down and towards the hoop, and not just flat against the hoop.
Step 4:
That's it! You're done! If you have a little sticky residue leftover, you can clean it with some rubbing alcohol.
I hope this helps you in your embroidery journey! Have any questions? 

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