Just Say No to Saggy Fabric

If I could only share one tip to a brand new stitcher it would be this: keep your fabric taut!

Saggy fabric is a nuisance for many reasons but let’s go over two of the biggest issues with it and three solutions for it. 

Problems of Saggy Fabric:

  1. Difficulty stitching. Taut fabric provides a stable surface to work on, which is going to make it easier to push the needle through your fabric and help you accomplish consistent stitch tension. (Aka saggy fabric is going to bring along it’s close cousin, saggy stitches)

  1. Bad stitching. I touched on this briefly already, but keeping a taut fabric is to make sure your stitches are placed accurately and will prevent them from shifting or bunching up. 

Solutions to Saggy Fabric: 

  1. Quality Hoop. The first solution is making sure you are using a quality hoop. Bamboo hoops (or other lower quality hoops) are prone to slipping and will not hold your fabric taut. (Bonus tip: Always use two pieces of fabric when stitching; this will provide even more tightness.) 

  1. Listening for the drum. You know your fabric is ready for stitching when you flick it with your finger and you hear a nice loud “thump”—like a drum! If you don’t hear this, you need to keep tightening your fabric and hoop. 

  1. Keep your hands off your fabric. I know this is a hard one, but when you are stitching you need to prevent pushing on your fabric and losing your taut fabric. Try to only hold your hoop by the edges. Or, better yet, try one of my favorite tools: the adjustable lap hoop stand. If you have found yourself becoming an avid stitcher, this inexpensive tool is a must have.

So whether you are struggling with keeping your fabric tight or you already have learned the trick of the trade, I hope today's Abide Guide helps you in your embroidery journey! Have any questions? Send me an email!

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