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Pre-Cut Circle Fabric Bundles, Extra Fabric for Kit, 8.5”

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    Product Details

    If the thought of walking into a fabric store to get just the right amount of fabric cut sounds overwhelming, then the pre-cut fabric bundles are perfect for you!

    This bundle also make the perfect addition to a kit so that you can make more than one completed hoop, or to have back up fabric in the case of an accident. 

    Included in one bundle is two pieces of pre-cut fabric. An 8.5" circle of Kona Fabric (Snow or Fog depending on your selection) and an 8.5" circle of thin white cotton. Both pieces are used in creating one fantastic finished hoop.

    Why two pieces of fabric? Using two pieces of fabric helps give your hoop strength so the fabric won't sag, and also helps add a bit of thickness to the back of your hoop—preventing a back that is too see-through. 

    This bundle is what I use when stitching every day and also what comes inside every one of my kits. One bundle is perfect for one 6" pattern.

    Kona Snow is used in a majority of our designs.
    Kona Fog is used in our Psalm 103 design.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 17 reviews
    Katie (Myrtle Beach, US)

    I love the pre-cut fabric circles! The quality of the fabric used is second to none.

    Rebecca B. (Decatur, US)
    Easy & Convenient

    Everything that Abide Embroidery does just simplifies things for me. I've used the kits before that have everything ready for me, her instructions for all patterns are the most well thought and laid out I've seen, and buying this pre-cut fabric is no exception when it comes to making my life stitching with 2 toddlers just a little bit easier and more accessible.

    Melanie (Palo Alto, US)
    Embroidery extras

    I like having extra precut circles and hoops on hand so I can do some digital designs from Abide embroidery. It’s a quick start to a new project.

    Josh Rathmell (Leland, US)
    Great Price

    I got this stuff for my wife for Mother’s Day! It was super easy to shop and she loves this precut fabric!

    Kara D (Muskego, US)
    Great Product

    This is perfect for making an extra for a gift!

    Cathi Harless (Birmingham, US)

    Precut Fabric convenience

    Courtney (Tallahassee, US)
    Fantastic value!

    If you’re ordering anything physical from the Abide store, don’t forget to throw in an extra precut circle bundle or two (or three…)! Already lovingly prepared, these cost effective bundles will save you time and headache and get you stitching faster!